Texas Qualifications and Consulting is a third-party operator qualifications (OQ) and safety consulting company in East Texas. Our realistic simulations which are led by field-experienced trainers will get your employees qualified and field-ready efficiently.

Most training companies hire instructors with no oil field experience and then practice with materials that are not realistic, such as PVC rather than industry-standard pipe. When you train someone using substitute materials, you do not give workers a genuine simulation. This false simulation communicates to trainees that they do not need to take the training seriously and allows your workforce to increase the percentage of their Risk Tolerance. Our performance evaluation stations are different from every other third party Operator Qualifications (OQ) provider because we hire field-experienced trainers and utilize real equipment and materials that workers will actually use on the ROW, pump station, and other facilities. We don’t provide substitute teachers, nor do we provide substitute materials.

We’ve built our company on the foundation of integrity because if we provide less than industry-standards professional training, then your employees are not adequately equipped for safety or efficiency. That’s why we provide realistic simulations by field-experienced instructors.

If you need any OQ training/evaulations, safety training or consulting services, call Texas Qualifications and Consulting. We can perform training and evaluations at our facility, at a job site, or at your location.

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